Hello and welcome! My name is Dennis, I am a New-York based software developer.  Recent graduate from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. Ex-president of the largest CS Club in CUNY, as well as the organizer of Brooklyn College’s annual hackathon – Hack Brooklyn. Currently working full-time as a Software Engineer for The Washington Post.

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Work Experience

The Washington Post
(jun 2021 – present)
NYC Tech Talent Pipeline
(oct 2020 – aug 2021)
Scholarship Office, Brooklyn College
(apr 2020 – may 2021)

Technical Projects

Computer Science Club Platform

Developed a platform that eased communication between the club administration with over 540 club members, which resulted in over 4,000 page visits. Accomplished 504% faster contend load by transferring the website from React into Next framework. Built an event tracking system that increased an average member count during events by 86%.


Worked in a 2-member team to develop a web application for Brooklyn College students that allows current students to share class content and reviews with prospect students. Utilized Redux state management tool and reduced the amount of React props passed to children by 94%. Built authentication system with PostgreSQL that improved security and trustworthiness of the reviews